Arrowdex injectable is a good combination of vet product used for performance and it contains henylbutazone and dexamethasone enhance animal’s resistance during training and race_x000D_nENDURA-CAMEL we do offer a wide range of products and below, you shall find just a sample list of what we have in stock : dexacortyl 100ml vetacortyl 5ml fluvet 50ml synedem 25ml edemax 30ml dexametasona 10ml abhayrab 0.5ml equicistan 100ml fructosa c 100ml overxicam 50ml fatrocortin 100ml chromactiv 100ml atp -2 50ml atox prix 50ml niglumine 50ml caliercortin 50ml fructosa 50r 100ml dexa 2 100ml cortamethasone 50ml hepagen 100ml ornitil 100ml coromin 20ml genixine 100ml itpp 60ml pentosan platinum 18ml pentosan gold 50ml pentosan 50ml ozone 100ml ketoprofen 50ml jurosenic 100ml dmg clenbuterol 50ml adrenal cortex 100ml pentosan platinum 18ml f.a.f 100ml mitachondral 100ml bronchial dilator 60ml enerselen 100ml blast off red 10ml blast off extreme 30ml python 10ml dexacare 50ml super shot 10ml predef 2x 100ml adrenal cortex 50ml dexadreson 50ml tb 1000 sgf 5000 atriben 20ml Gluco Up 20ml As said, that is just a sample list of what we have in stock do write us arrowdex_x000D_n_x000D_nBenzyl alcoholDisodium edetate_x000D_nINDICATIONS_x000D_nOptimal product for racing animals_x000D_nAnti-inflammation, analgesic, antipyretic_x000D_nMETHOD OF ADMINISTRATION_x000D_nApply 5 ml for 5 days – IM (stop at 1to 2 day days before the race).arrowdex_x000D_nIV and IM administration_x000D_nHorse and camel: 4 ml/ 100 kgs BW_x000D_nDogs: 0.5 ml/ 10 kgs BW_x000D_nWithdrawal time: 07 days before slaughter_x000D_n_x000D_nContra-indication: Do not use for hypersensitive animals to any components_x000D_n_x000D_nPRESERVATION: Store in a cool place and keep out of direct sunlight.


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